Join the How Good Can You Stand It
30-Day Challenge!!

MAY 10th - JUNE 8th
Yes, you can join late! Join any time through June 8th.


**You'll get immediate access to the How Good Can You Stand It FB group where the challenge will be held. You do need to be on Facebook to take part in the challenge.

You'll also get INSTANT ACCESS to 2 BONUS AUDIOS discussing Women, Worth & Worthiness with Inger & Karen.

YES... I want it all! 

**Everyone who enters the challenge will be automatically entered into a drawing to win one of 2 scholarship spots in our upcoming 4-Week Course, MORE.**

*If you enter on or before Friday, April 23rd, you'll secure TEN bonus entries.*

What's this Challenge about, anyway? 

This challenge is about YOU becoming comfortable with MORE.

More SPACE. 


More MONEY. 

More TIME. 


More FUN.

Feeling more PROUD OF YOURSELF. . . 

Women have been trained for centuries to believe they are less than.

We’re brainwashed into thinking we shouldn’t want too much, take up too much space or ask for what we really want. We think we need to be “good girls” and so we suppress our true desires, we put everyone else’s needs (and feelings) ahead of our own, and we deprive ourselves of real pleasure. 


This challenge is about RECLAIMING yourself.
It’s time to stop
tolerating so damn much and start radically enjoying your life.

Each day for 30 days, we’ll challenge you to upgrade or improve 1 thing in your life. This is an opportunity to stretch beyond what you think is possible and what you’re currently comfortable with. (Oh, it’s gonna get hot in herrrrrr!) 

This is about learning how to feel truly worthy of your big dreams. (YES! They’re possible!) We’re going to show you how to get used to more and better in all areas of your life…. (and if that makes you feel super awkward, Yay! You. Are. In. The. Right. Place. Sign up button below, Goddess.)

You’ll never get what you want if your hidden programming is running the show.

We’ve got to get your logical brain and subconscious brain on the same page so you feel safe to upgrade in all areas of your life.  

After all... if you're uncomfortable asking for a hotter coffee at Starbucks or letting yourself take 2 hours to respond to a text, how likely are you to double your rates? Or say NO to an opportunity that isn't offering you what you're truly worth?

It's time to stop shrinking and start expanding.

It's time to start putting yourself first because.....
what's good for you is good for everyone.

"In this day it’s hard to find women supporting women from a vulnerable powerful place, you will get that with Karen and Inger."

How Good Can You Let It Get??

Meet Your Hostesses with the Mostesses....
Karen Berzanski and Inger Dybvig Kenobi
2 Life Coaches on a Mission to help you make more money, have more fun and expand in all areas of your life. 

Inger is on a two-fold mission to help women overcome their self-sabotaging patterns and raise their happiness setpoint. She has a unique ability to see the possibilities that exist beyond your current circumstances and will help you expand into a bigger and more beautiful reality. It’s like a treasure hunt, only you’re designing the map. FUN FACT: Inger bakes ten-layered chocolate cakes and is obsessed with trees.

Karen is a Certified Life Coach and Pro EFT™ Tapping coach who is passionate about helping women overcome their money fears so they can expect more, earn more and enjoy more. She's worked with hundreds of women who collectively, have doubled their rates, stopped discounting, started businesses, written books, been showcased on The Today Show, and gotten to work side-by-side with their business role models. FUN FACT: Karen is an amateur "biohacker" and ukulele player.

"My head has been completely turned around on how I relate to money and my self-worth, something no one has been able to do before now!"

"After this challenge I'm more aligned with my soul’s purpose and can bypass my ego’s tendency to overthink everything."

"I've learned how to lovingly unravel the murky emotion of fear so I could grow AND feel safe! Now I feel less internal struggle and doubt, and when they do occur, I have tools to tackle them."

Here's what you can expect...

  • Daily FB posts and prompts to push you to add more pleasure and fun to your life
  • Weekly Video Check-ins and Q&A, Tapping Sessions and Ritual/ Release Ceremonies
  • Community support from a tribe of incredible women just like you
  • More abundance, joy, fun, pleasure and power… in 30 days or less! 

Here are some of the topics we'll cover:

  • Upgrading your life as an act of Resistance and Disrupting the Status Quo (aka: The Patriarchy)
  •  Optimizing and beautifying your work environment to gain mo’money/ mo’clients)
  •  Self care as a tool to manifest like a boss and massively upgrade your belief-system
  •  Making your home your new Vision Board (yes, you can toss your construction paper and old magazines!)
  • Nurturing your Inner Goddess for optimum mental sanity and productivity
  •  And SO MUCH MORE!

This is a come-as-you-are challenge!
No prerequisites required, except an open mind and
a desire to have a little fun this summer. 


Read to join the adventure?? 

Join any time between now and June 8th!

**You'll get immediate access to How Good Can You Stand It Facebook Group

You'll also get INSTANT ACCESS to 2 BONUS AUDIOS discussing Women, Worth & Worthiness


"The one thing I remind myself of all the time is (and this is a big one for me) ‘Let it be easy.’  And, ‘How can I let it be easy?’ Remembering this just takes so much work and pressure off, but the best part is that I feel more and more like myself. "

"At first I  thought, ‘what’s the point of tiny upgrades?’ but now I know that these conscious upgrades change everything.  I’ve had so many moments of joy. So many wins. I can’t wait to do this challenge again!" 

"I loved learning how to turn self-ish into self-loving, self-kindness, and self-compassion."

"All of my female friends need this. Sign us up!"

After the 30-Day Challenge:

  • You may experience an unfamiliar thought pattern of "I deserve the best!" This is normal and may potentially ERASE "Why bother?" from your mind.
  • Don't be alarmed when you start asking for more than what you thought you originally wanted. And get it.
  • Some participants have reported experiencing "flow states" full of "good feeling feelings."
  • Procrastination may lose it's luster. Highs from acting on your dreams and desires are not uncommon.
  • Fears of feeling like a greedy bitch for wanting more, or turning into a superficial person with no moral compass are likely to be smashed to bits in 30 days or less.
  • Significant increases in happiness and joy are likely. Your friends and family may judge you or be weirded out by your new mental state.
  • You may stop believing that big dreams and an abundant lifestyle are only for "fancy people."
  • Your quirky, creative, spiritual, laid-back, and freedom loving sides are likely to be significantly amplified.
  • You may stop giving a f**k what other people think about you.
  • Do not be surprised if you unexpectedly blurt out "OH MY GOD I LOVE MY LIFE!!!" in the middle of your day for no apparent reason.
  • You may start to wonder if you’re getting away with something or if feeling this good is just a fluke.
  • Friends may start asking if you've "had work done" because joy is dripping out of your pores.


IS THIS CHALLENGE JUST FOR WOMEN? We've specifically designed this challenge with women and those who identify as women in mind. If you are gender non-conforming/ non-binary/ Trans/ etc and want to join, we'd love to have you! If you're a dude who wants to join.... you're welcome to join too. This may actually be an enlightening experience for you and we welcome you on board as long as you are kind, have an open mind and an open heart and are willing to learn.

WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE WILL I MEET INSIDE? Awesome, loving, kind-hearted, supporting, encouraging, fun, funny, empathic, creative, soulful, social-justice-oriented, entrepreneurial-minded, cool people. If you don't fit that description, this may not be for you.

WILL I HAVE TO SPEND MONEY TO PARTICIPATE? Nope! You could potentially go through the whole challenge and not spend a dime. We'll give examples of ways to upgrade with money and without!